You deserve to be happy!

You deserve to be happy!

2015 took some time to gain, well, control of. I began the year with my typical activities; eat, movies, eat, sleep. I was living my life through movies as my brain broke apart, each crumb leaving me one step further from reality. The life I was living was not one I wanted.

Responsibility. I didn’t have it, but now I do. I’m becoming responsible for myself, my body and my mind.
Motivation. Stand up to those voices in your mind telling you that your bed is like soft clouds, heated by the sun. Get up, get out and do something you only ever think of doing!
Strength. If you do everything with all of your strength, you will be (yes, tired) but also accomplished. You will have achieved whatever it may be to the best of your ability.

For me, this started with healthy eating and joining a local gym. I’ve wanted to join one for many years, but I was always too self conscious about people judging how I looked. But I’ve come to realise that everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m only going to stay this self conscious unless I actually face my fears, and do what I need to do!


Trainers on, earphones in, and work those legs! *faints 5 minutes later…*


Not gonna lie, I’m a little embarrassed at the shape I’m in, but it won’t be for long! Behold the picture to show my starting point! (above)
I’ve now been to the gym 3 times, and I was able to run 400 metres yesterday, without breaks. For me, this is a huge achievement and I’m extremely proud of myself for even trying!

I am so ready for everything, and I’m going to push through this harder than I ever have before, because I can. Because I want to. The only person stopping me from becoming who I want to be, is myself.

(You can expect plenty of progress posts, oh yeah!)

So, if you take something from this post, I’d like it to be that you tell yourself the following, everyday; Everyone deserves to be happy. I deserve to be happy.


Here’s to happy, healthy and fit!!



Home used to be a place. It was a house situated within many, many others. Assembled in a city that is inevitably growing. Due to the increase of children within our minuscule household, we receded to a more remote environment. Now, our house is fixed in a rustic, peaceful community. I adore how each morning, the picturesque scenery lives softly outside my window, as the sun pierces through the darkness to wake up the earth another day. While miles, and miles, of endless space permits children to explore from early hours of the morning until last thing at night. The smell of country roads and fresh grass perfuming the air encourages me to walk for hours and take in every little detail that the world has to offer.

Despite that my house is somewhere I can go to create memories and be with my family. The word home, for me, is seen as more of a feeling than a place. Home is the feeling I get when I am at ease. It is the lift in my shoulders when my thoughts endeavour to weigh me down. It can be the familiar, like the outbreak of laughter that leaves cheeks gleaming with tears. Home is security, when I am held hostage in my own mind, I think of home and I am free.

It is more than just a building, or a group of loved ones. Home is the structure, the strength and the ability to pull together as one.