About Me

My name is Laura, I’ve been breathing for 18 long, long years. I live in an unbelievably small, and reclusive (maybe this is just me) village in Northern Ireland.
After this, I would tend to mention what I’m studying or where I am in life, but the truth is I don’t know what I’m doing, or where I belong. I don’t even really know who I am, I’m still trying to figure everything out.
I guess this leads me on to why I’m making this blog. Right now, I’m more pessimistic and vulnerable than I have ever been before, but I’m hopeful that things will change. I’m going to use this blog to write about, well, anything I’d like but also specific topics that I have/am struggling with or issues that I’m passionate about.
I have Aspergers Syndrome. Woah, even writing that is strange. I’ve always been passionate about autism, and other conditions surrounding it, because my brother and sister both have Aspergers Syndrome. I’ve always cared about them and looked out for them as much as I can, but when my diagnosis came through I just couldn’t manage to grasp that I was an “aspie” too.
Anyway, less of the negativity. I love a lot of things including books, candles, writing, tattoos, my family, the brain, laughing, cold winter nights, oversized hoodies and movies, to say the least. I love music too, and my favourite artist would be Demi Lovato. Yes, another Lovatic amongst us *everyone sigh*. Despite what other people think, she has this many fans because of how open and positive she is about life in itself, and that’s great. She’s able to provide this perspective that other people might not see, but can if they listen to her voice. Demi has been through a lot of issues that young girls in this society are having to deal with, so her experience can show us a sense of comfort, that we may eventually feel as content as she does. Oh gosh, apologies for the ramble. My favourite bands include Panic! at the disco, Paramore, Tonight Alive, Of Mice & Men and Sleeping with Sirens.
Another important person in my life is my best friend, Dajasia. Since meeting her over a year ago, through another blog I have, I’ve never been so grateful. I never really understood what it was like to want to hug someone so much, to just be in there company and appreciate their existence in person. I could go on for ages, but all you have to know for now is that I adore her, so much.




If you’d like to contact me, you are most likely to get a fast response from: laurahazley@hotmail.co.uk


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